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Acquire the serviceable amount of technical savvy required to operate gadgets and access the web. We are just as eager to help you get connected to professional caregivers, assistants, and end-of-life resource pros.

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Make Daily Life Better

Affinity Life Services LLC in Ohio, offers a variety of services enabling elders to acquire the technical proficiency required to operate simple telecommunication gadgets, computers, and online apps. Likewise, we also specialize in virtual services allowing elders to deal with documentary, domestic, and health care needs with ease.

Care Consultant Package  

1. Anywhere from 4-6 two hour meetings

2. All paperwork documented, checked, signed/notarized in their Peace of Mind Planner.

3. Final Family Meeting. 

End of Life Doula

Minimum 4 Hours

Includes Legac​y Work/Resources/Guidance for End of-Life Arrangements

* Packages Available for a discounted rate

Streaming Service Setups 

2 Hour Minimum

Learn the basics of setting up streaming apps and accessing various channels.

Elder Care Doula

3 Hour Minimum

Attend doctor appointments with client's

approval take notes and ask questions important to client. Take clients to places they like to attend (restaurants, shops, parks, etc...)  

Internet Training 

2 Hour Minimum

Learn how to navigate the internet, use Zoom and FaceTime apps, and operate computers and printers.

Cell Phone Assistance 

2 Hour Minimum

Learn how to use mobile phones and their high-tech features.

Organizing and Downsizing Home

Minimum 4 Hours

* Packages Available at a discounted rate.

Assistance With Budgets and Bills 

Minimum 4 Hours

* Packages Available at a discounted rate.

F​uneral Celebrant 

We meet with you and your family and tell your loved one’s life story. Depending on what you prefer, it can be a religious or non-religious ceremony. Services can be performed virtually or in-person within 100 miles of Central Ohio 

Assistance Finding Resources

(Doctors, Nurses’ Aides, Senior Living Arrangements, Transportation) 

Minimum 4 Hours 

Obituary/Legacy Writer 

Gather information from family, friends and colleagues to write loved one's obituary to be published in newspaper or a keepsake gift for loved ones.​

Legacy Event Concierges 

- Living Funerals 

- Destination Cremation Scatterings 

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